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What are the duties of a home inspector?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2024 | Real Estate Disputes |

The major benefit of hiring an inspector before purchasing a home is that it allows new and experienced home buyers to discover the actual value of a property. A home inspector can provide detailed insights into a home’s true condition and provide information concerning serious issues. This can help home buyers consider a purchase and negotiate a fair price for a home.

When hiring a home inspector, buyers may need to ensure their inspector is doing a thorough inspection. Here are some of the areas a home inspector will survey

Roof inspection

Roofs often experience weathering and damage. Missing shingles, holes, breaks or leaks could cause severe damage to a home’s internal structure and cause mold and infestation. Many home inspectors will not climb on top of homes to inspect roofs, but some will use drones and other forms of technology to inspect for damages. 

Foundation inspection

The foundation which a home is built upon can greatly affect a home’s safety. If a foundation is weak because of flooding, loose soil or other issues, a home may not be safe to live in. An inspector may search for signs of issues by examining doors and windows for problems, the stability of the earth a home sits on and cracks in a home’s foundation.

Water damage inspection

A major concern for inspectors is whether a home has suffered from water damage. Water damage could lead to flooding and molding. Signs of water damage are often seen in the basement and could be caused by weather or plumbing issues.

A home inspector may breach a contract, conceal issues or neglect to perform at a professional standard. Home buyers who suspect an inspector acted unprofessionally and violated due standards of care could pursue legal action to recover damages.


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