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4 times you need a land surveyor

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Real Estate Disputes |

Do you think you know where the boundaries of your property lie? Can you trust the seller of a property you want to buy to accurately tell you where that property meets the neighbors’ properties? 

If you want to be accurate, you need a land surveyor. Here are some common reasons to make that investment:

You’re buying property 

When buying a piece of property, especially land in rural areas or undeveloped land, it’s vital to ensure that the boundaries and features match the information provided in the deed or title documents. A land surveyor can verify these boundaries and identify any encroachments or discrepancies, preventing potential disputes with neighbors over property lines.

You’re building or adding new features

Maybe you’re building a new home – or adding a backyard patio, pool or pond to your existing home. Before you start, you need to accurately determine the boundaries of your land – because a mistake could force you to undo all your work and cost a fortune. 

You want to subdivide the land

If you own a large tract of land, you may want to subdivide it to sell the individual lots for development or to give your children equal inheritances. A land surveyor plays a crucial role in subdividing land by accurately marking the new property lines and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. 

You’re already in a boundary dispute

Boundary disputes between neighboring property owners can quickly escalate into costly legal battles. Hiring a land surveyor can help resolve these disputes by providing impartial and precise boundary measurements. 

It’s critically important to pick your surveyor carefully. A surveyor should be registered with the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveyors, be a Registered Professional Land Surveyor and have the appropriate Errors and Omissions Insurance. In addition, make sure that you check out their online reviews. Survey mistakes can, unfortunately, lead to significant additional expense on your part, as well as delays in the resolution of your problem. If you suspect that you’ve received an incorrect land survey, it may be time to seek specific legal guidance.



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