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Keeping Construction Projects On Track

In the construction industry, many factors can derail a project’s success as well as a business’s profits. At the Law Office of Tom Murphy, we are experienced in representing contractors, subcontractors, real estate developers, property owners and others involved in construction law disputes regarding commercial and residential projects.

Construction disputes can lead to serious complications in the event of a breach of contract or workmanship issues. If you are facing construction litigation, Tom Murphy is a Central Texas attorney you can trust. Contact us today at 512-774-6883 to schedule a consultation.

Handling a Variety of Construction-Related Disputes

Resolving a construction law dispute could involve a variety of factors, from contracts and warranties to state and federal regulations, all of which could affect the outcome of your case. When your business is facing complex litigation arising out of a construction dispute, we offer the skills, resources and experience to succeed in your claim.

Our construction law attorney is experienced with all of the following:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Payment and accounting disputes
  • Warranty issues
  • Fraud
  • Structural and construction defect claims
  • Roofing, pool and window construction disputes
  • Lien disputes
  • Construction delays
  • Quiet title actions and other title issues
  • Tree complaints
  • Water intrusion, leaks, mold
  • Soil erosion and drainage Issues
  • Water diversion
  • Electrical, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning (HVAC) complaints
  • Failure to disclose defects

Our attorney can sit down with you to answer your questions about construction law.

Dealing With Mechanic’s Liens and Other Lien Issues

We understand construction matters frequently raise disputes during the construction process that may lead to litigation. Accordingly, we advise and represent general contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, suppliers, developers, and property owners.

When construction is involved, mechanic’s lien issues will also arise. We have the experience and knowledge of lien claims from evaluating and filing to enforcing and removing mechanic’s lien; and we represent all parties in mechanic’s lien litigation for commercial or residential construction projects, be it new, remodeling, or renovation project

We have the knowledge and experience to aggressively pursue or defend against lien claims, and if push comes to shove, foreclose on the mechanic’s and constitutional lien claims. We understand that property rights must be protected and defended.

Experienced In Construction, Carpentry and Masonry

In addition to his legal experience, Tom Murphy has a background in construction, carpentry and masonry. He understands the technical and procedural aspects of construction, which enhances his ability to effectively identify issues in construction cases. When you need a lawyer skilled in construction law, contact Tom Murphy at 512-774-6883.

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