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3 reasons you can end up fighting with a neighbor 

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Real Estate Disputes |

One thing people tend to ruin relationships between neighbors is property line disputes. Very few people enjoy finding out that their property was used by someone else. 

Many property line disputes can be caught early with a land surveyor. But, if you believe your neighbor is encroaching on your property, then you may need to learn how that happens:

1. Trees

Trees are a common topic of discussion when people are considering where their property lines lie. Newly planted trees aren’t often problematic and don’t encroach on others’ property lines. But, as a healthy tree grows, the trunk and roots may make things difficult for property owners. 

For example, someone looking to install a fence may have difficulties with a neighboring tree. Furthermore, a fallen tree may bring into question whose problem it is to clear out the debris. The same could be said if a dead tree is posing a safety risk and needs immediate removal.

2. Pools

Many people install pools in their backyards. Just as much as pools can be enjoyable, they can also create headaches if installed in the wrong space. An above-ground pool could harm a property owner’s land. While an inground pool may create boundary issues if the land isn’t properly surveyed. 

3. Fences

Everyone likes their privacy now and again. One way people can secure their privacy is by installing a fence. The best choice to maximize one’s property is to install a fence just at the border of the property line. But, this could leave a lot of discomfort for people who believe their property line is being encroached on. 

It may be too late to bring a land surveyor out and establish where your property line begins and ends. If you’re dissatisfied with how someone is using your property, then you may need to learn your legal rights.


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