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3 leading causes of boundary disputes

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Real Estate Disputes |

Ideally, you want to want to get along just fine with your neighbors. However, it is not uncommon to run into a disagreement with a neighbor from time to time. Tension can involve a boundary dispute with your neighbor, which can escalate into a full-fledged conflict if the issue is not addressed effectively with relative ease.

Boundary disputes can stir up a great deal of emotion and strain your relationship with your neighbor. With that said, the first step in solving such disputes involves figuring out why it happened in the first place. These are three leading causes of boundary disputes that must be managed in unique ways.


Boundaries often come under scrutiny when someone is carrying out a development on their property, such as erecting a new fence. Acts of interference (intentional or otherwise) with your neighbor’s regular property (or your neighbor’s approach to yours) use can lead to a boundary dispute. For instance, a construction project that interferes with your neighbor’s right to access their property or infringes upon their privacy can lead to a dispute.

Legal mistakes

Mistakes in a property’s boundary description can result in one party overstepping property lines. Consequently, a dispute can ensue. Sometimes, boundary-line description mistakes may not be apparent. As such, if you suspect an error, then you might do well to compare your property-line document with information available in state property records

Relying on older surveys

Issues can sometimes occur when surveys were conducted several years back and these old instructions are no longer clear or reliable. For instance, an instruction could refer to a specific landmark on the property that has since changed. It can help to update these on a regular basis so everyone can be clear on the position of the current boundary.

Safeguarding your interests

Naturally, every property owner is protective of what they own or believe they do. If you are caught up in a property dispute, it can help to seek legal guidance. You may also want to consider getting a survey done so that you can be clearer on where the line ought to be going forward.



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