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Common reasons you may face a construction dispute

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2023 | Construction Law |

All construction projects are unique and require unique plans, scopes and projections. Most people enter construction contracts in good faith, with plans to fulfill their promises.

Unfortunately, disputes arise all the time. If you want to avoid a construction dispute, it is important to learn about some of the most common reasons they occur, which can be found here.

Issues with your contract

When you begin a construction project, you create a contract outlining all parties’ responsibilities and obligations. However, contracts can contain errors, omissions and other issues.

When this happens, a contractor and subcontractor may not be on the same page, leading to delays or even making it impossible to complete the project. If you do not fulfill your side of the agreement, the other party may file a dispute and attempt to seek compensation.

One way to avoid contract-related disputes is by having the contract evaluated for any issues by a professional before signing it.


Delays happen in construction. While this is an understood fact, it can also lead to disputes.

If a delay occurs and is significantly out of scope from the original project plan, it may lead to a dispute that costs even more time or money.

Communicating with everyone involved is an effective way to combat the possibility of delays (or at least reduce their impact on the project). If everyone is updated and on the same page about what is going on and why delays happen, it will reduce the possibility of someone making a dispute.

Protecting yourself during contract disputes

If you are a contractor, knowing your rights and options is important if someone files a dispute. The worst thing you can do is ignore the complaint, which can impact your reputation and ability to be hired for future jobs. You can fight the dispute and avoid serious repercussions in these situations.  


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