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How to handle construction disputes

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2022 | Construction Law |

Owning your own construction business is no easy task. No matter how good your crew is, you will eventually be confronted by a problem. Understanding the different types of issues that could arise on the job may help you to ward them off.

Most of the time disputes arise over an issue in the contract. When you are facing an unhappy customer, it is important to maintain your composure. Do your best to listen and understand the issue and try to work out an amicable solution.

Types of construction disputes

Construction disputes usually develop when the terms of the project are not clearly spelled out in the contract. Even when both parties agree and initially sign the contract, there may still be a misunderstanding as to exactly what is expected by the client. These are some of the most common disputes that construction company owners face:

  • Unexpected delays can occur when materials for the job are on back order, an employee gets sick, or if your team is constantly taking breaks.
  • Design flaws can create a problem with the client if they had a finished look in mind and the construction crew didn’t follow their instruction.
  • Sub-par materials can be cheaper to purchase, but if your client requested an Italian marble countertop, deviating from that request may land you in hot water.

As you can see, most of these problems are a result of deviating from the original contract. Projects typically run into issues from time to time. When that happens, talk to your client. Explain the situation and see if you can come to a solution together.

If your client is not willing to work out the issues with you it may be time to seek help from a knowledgeable source. 


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