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Types of construction defects

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Construction Law |

Hiring someone to do a construction project at your home or office is a major undertaking. You have to find a contractor who you can trust and who can get the job done. Once you do, ensure that you get a contract in place so that you’re protected.

The contract should outline the project and the terms you have to meet. If you find an issue with the construction, the contractor should stand behind the contract and fix things accordingly. There are several types of construction defects that might occur.

What are the different types of construction defects?

There are three categories of construction defects that can happen. The circumstances should alert you to which one applies to your case.

  •       Workmanship defect: These have to do with the quality of work that’s done. Lax workmanship can mean that the project doesn’t last as long as it should or that it isn’t up to par.
  •       Design defects: These deal with the way that the project was planned. Improper planning, including site preparation, can mean that the structure or project won’t stand as intended.
  •       Material defects: These defects stem from a contractor using subpar materials without letting the customer know. Things like using rotting wood or incorrect materials that don’t have the same properties as the materials intended for the project.

Anyone who’s dealing with a construction defect should turn to their contract first to determine what’s possible. There are sometimes limitations, such as having to use mediation for the resolution. It may benefit you to have someone familiar with construction and contract law to review the contract to ensure you’re taking all the steps possible.



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