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2 groups of people who can file for mechanic’s liens in Texas

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Construction Law |

Construction is a big industry in Texas. There is a constant demand for new construction, and many homeowners want to upgrade or expand their existing homes.

Construction professionals often take on jobs while only receiving a deposit or partial payment before beginning the work. It is only after the completion of a project that the company or contractor receives the full amount of hay they quoted for their services.

Sometimes, when a property owner fails to pay construction professionals, the businesses involved will seek construction liens. What professionals can obtain construction liens under Texas law?

Contractors, subcontractors and other construction service providers

A homeowner or property owner may only communicate with one company, and that company may hire several other businesses. Any of the contractors or subcontractors that do work on a property can potentially request a mechanic’s lien if they don’t receive payment in full for the services they provide. 

Materials suppliers

The businesses that supply materials for construction projects often take some risks as well. They may deliver the goods without payment in full, and then they will have very few options for reclaiming those assets later. Materials suppliers can also request mechanic’s liens under Texas law.

If a homeowner does not make payment in full for all the materials and services used in a construction project, then the professionals involved may secure a mechanic’s lien that prevents the property owner from transferring a refinancing without first paying those debts. Familiarizing yourself with the rules that apply to construction professionals can help you connect with the pay you deserve for the work you provide.


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