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Know these causes of water intrusion

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Construction Law |

Water intrusion can lead to serious issues for a homeowner, especially when it goes unnoticed because it’s hidden. Structural degradation, mold, mildew and similar problems can occur. These can be costly to correct. Having to correct the root cause of the issue can also be an expensive endeavor.

There are a host of problems that can lead to water intrusion. Read more to learn about some of the most common issues.

Root, plumbing and sewage problems

Some water intrusion is caused when roots break through the lines in and around the home. Other plumbing issues, such as improperly sweated or fitted pipes can also lead to this issue. Backed-up sewage pipes are also potential reasons. These may be the result of negligent plumbers.

Roofing and structural issues

Leaks from the roof or any other structural components can cause damage from the top of the home down. Oftentimes, the water that’s coming into the home isn’t noticed because it’s in the walls. This leaves the possibility of wood rot in the support beams. Soggy insulation is also possible. By the time this issue is noticed, there might considerable damage that is expensive to fix. 

Not only do the homeowners have to think about the cost of the root issue, but they also have to think about other factors like the inability to use their home as intended while repairs are made.

Do you have a claim against someone?

There are instances in which water intrusion is the result of contractor negligence. When this is the case, property owners may choose to seek compensation for the damages they suffer due to this. Working with an attorney who is familiar with construction defects is beneficial since these cases can be rather complex. Remember, there are time limits that must be followed in these cases, so acting quickly is necessary.


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