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Is your construction project experiencing water problems?

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Building a new construction project in Texas can be a lengthy, arduous process. Your progress is subject to everything from the weather to the whims of the contractor. It can be frustrating and expensive, but it may seem like all of the hassle was worth it when it’s over and you can finally occupy the space.

Days, weeks or even months after you move in, you may notice certain problems. With new construction, it is rather common to see cosmetic issues that fixing, finishes that need changing or other problems that need addressing. One of the most serious is water intrusion. Water issues are particularly serious because they can often indicate serious underlying problems and eventually lead to mold, structural damage and more.

Signs of a water problem 

Water problems often become noticeable after an extended season of rain or heavy storms. Often, the issue began during construction and was never noticed or addressed, and the consequences may not be immediately evident. Some signs that you may be experiencing water intrusion include the following:

  • Seeing discoloration on your ceiling
  • Bubbling paint or a change in your paint color in certain spots
  • Buckling floors
  • Peeling of wall paper or linoleum flooring
  • Smelling musty odors in your home

Water intrusion can happen for many reasons, but often it is the result of things like roof leaks, poor materials used during construction and even sprinklers incorrectly aimed at the building. If your water problems are the result of shoddy construction or problems related to the construction of your building, your contractor or other parties may be liable for your losses and repairs needed.

An assessment of your property by a water mitigation company or insurance professional can determine if you have moisture issues and what types of repairs are needed. If the problem is extensive, you may have to vacate the premises while professionals repair and replace affected areas.

Don’t fight alone

As you may know, construction companies and contractors are often reluctant to admit liability when there is a problem with a project. You may find it necessary to seek legal guidance for how to handle this properly and get what you need so that you do not have experience financial loss for problems that are not your fault.

Working with an experienced construction litigation attorney can be especially useful during this process, from the moment you realize there is a problem until the resolution of your case.


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