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Construction delays can put a monkey wrench in your project

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Working in the construction business often requires you to try to predict the future. You need to think about the factors that could hinder your progress on a project. Construction delays can make or break your business.

Word of mouth still means something in the business world, and if you can’t deliver on a project due to delays, it could not only cost you on a particular project, but could also cost you future clients. When thinking about how your project could get sidelined, it may help to go over a few of the most common reasons why construction delays occur.

Five common issues

When it comes to construction delays, they can come from many sources. The most common issues that can delay your project include the following:

  • Keeping accurate records is vital. You need to ensure that you have enough resources for the project and that you stay within your budget, especially if your client has already paid in full.
  • Forgetting about the weather could be devastating. You may want to build in some extra time when you provide that time estimate to your client.
  • Making sure those you work with receive the proper training, use the right equipment and show up on time will help your project go more smoothly.
  • Making sure that you do not schedule crews to be at two job sites at once would obviously help ensure that you are able to complete your projects on time. It may also keep you from having to scramble in order to cover more than one client’s project without the appropriate number of workers available.
  • Adding extra time for unexpected delays due to changes to the original construction plans may save you time as well.

Of course, it’s more than possible that you will not be able to account for every delay that could occur. For this reason, you may want to document every instance that causes you to lose time on a project, particularly if the delay occurs due to the actions of someone else. Documenting every change order, supply delay and anything else that causes you to go over the time agreed upon could end up saving you if anyone files a complaint against your company due to the delays.

You may already know what causes construction delays, but you may not be aware of all you can do to minimize their impact on your business. It may be beneficial for you to find out what those measures entail.


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