Central Texas Real Estate Attorney

At The Law Office of Tom Murphy, our primary attorney handles real estate litigation including contract disputes, title disputes, lien disputes, and other claims affected by real estate investments. Whether you are facing a legal dispute over residential or commercial property, Tom Murphy is an experienced lawyer who can effectively assert your rights and protect your property interests..

When your property interests are at stake, we will effectively gather necessary documentation, work with surveyors and experts, and effectively assert your rights in court.  Contact The Law Office of Tom Murphy today. .

Our attorney and staff work with top experts, including land surveyors, who can help us gather the necessary evidence and documentation for your case. Real estate law can be complex and requires the assistance of a lawyer trained in the complexities of real estate law. Whether you have suffered a breach of contract or are interested in pursuing a boundary dispute on your property, we have the skills, experience, and resources to effectively protect your real estate interests.

We are experienced with all of the following:.

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of covenant and restrictions
  • Failure to notify of defect
  • Lien disputes
  • Boundary disputes
  • Ownership disputes

Title and lien disputes
Complex litigation will often arise out of title or lien disputes. We are experienced in analyzing documentation and effectively asserting the rights and claims of our clients in property title and lien disputes.

Statute of frauds and the statue of limitations
The Statute of Frauds require that your real estate purchase must be in writing. The Statute of Limitations will create a timeline for when your case and rights can be honored. We are experienced in handling cases affected by both the Statute of Frauds and the Statute of Limitations. To ensure that your rights and property interests are protected, contact an experienced real estate lawyer today.

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