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Building a strong case over residential construction defects

Legal issues pertaining to a Texas construction project can be difficult to navigate. From breach of contract to the discovery of defects in a completed project, you may need to know how you can protect your rights and take the appropriate action to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

There are many complex issues at hand when dealing with construction defects. You have the right to pursue a beneficial outcome to your issue, but holding the appropriate parties liable for the problem may be more difficult than you presumed. Whether it is the contractor, construction company, subcontractor or developer to blame, you do not have to deal with it by yourself.

What are my rights regarding an easement on my property?

Whenever you are buying or selling a piece of property in Texas, you would be wise to be certain that you fully understand any easements on the property. An easement can be the source of various legal disputes, and knowing your rights is the first step in protecting your interests.

You may be surprised to find that your neighbor or even the public have the right to use your property in certain ways. An easement is a property right that allows people to use your property for a specific purpose without it qualifying as trespassing. Easements can be the source of complex boundary and land-use disputes.

Subcontractors: when do you file a mechanic’s lien?

You were hired by the general contractor for a construction project in Austin. The project itself went smoothly, but weeks have gone by and you have still not received payment. The general contractor has been vague about your check, and you are concerned that it may never come. Unfortunately, you spent a substantial amount of money on supplies for the job. You need to receive payment soon in order to pay your bills and the men who work with you. What can you do to secure payment?


What to do when a neighbor crosses your property line

Is someone else using your land? Depending where you live, It could be as minor as letting pets wander where they shouldn’t, kids playing a little too far from their own home or a fence crossing over the border. In rural or large lots, it could be something more egregious, such as hunting or even a building that crosses your property line.

Property disputes are common in Texas and, depending on the violation and the personalities involved, they can require different levels of resolution. Sometimes talking it out or reaching a compromise will do. Other situations require legal action.

Home insurance claims guide for first-time buyers

Congratulations, you've got the keys to your first home, and you almost feel settled in. Buying a home can be an overwhelming process, but who you will trust to protect your home can make for an uncertain choice as well. Every home insurance company says they offer the best protection for your home, but who will actually be there when you need them?

Here are three things to know about home insurance and the claims process:

Why do real estate developers need land surveyors?

We’ve all seen land surveyors – they’re the women and men out in fields, along roadsides and stationed on vacant city lots who are wearing orange vests and operating camera-like devices that sit atop yellow tripods. Depending on where you live, you may see land surveyors frequently. They are especially noticeable in to-be-developed areas.

Have you ever wondered exactly what they are looking at through their lenses?

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